Through Faith & Tragedy

by The Hands Automaton

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The Hands Automaton's debut album is a concept album that follows a man as he struggles with faith.


released June 21, 2011



all rights reserved


The Hands Automaton Kearney, Nebraska

Genre spanning rock group from Kearney, NE

JR - Vocals, Guitar
Kyle - Guitar, Vocals
Jordan - Bass, Vocals
Pablo - Drums, Vocals
Brian - Guitar

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Track Name: Birth
Come forth into the light
I know its so bright
but in mother's arms held tight
everything will be alright

Created from God's hand
Sent down to Earth
Our story unfolds the night of his birth

This young boy turned into man
will face his destiny
through faith & tragedy
This blessed son from day one
will struggle til the end
will he earn redemption?

From his first steps he will fall
on hands and knees he will crawl
until the day he dies his life will be a test
will he find truth before he find rest?
Track Name: Childhood
Is this how you felt with your hands in the soil when you first breathed life into man

Never before has it been so easy to love someone who I've never met. So take my hand, I want to show you the one who gave you to us.

This is his power, this is his grace, this is forgiveness, undying love.

Beautiful child, you are the world.
Track Name: Rebellion
Mom and Dad I love you both
but its time to speak the truth
I can't believe the things you say
everyday I don't feel a thing

There's nothing out there, I've made up my mind
No convincing me this time
I'll do what I want, I'm old enough
To call you out, to call your bluff

This is the end
Track Name: Direction
I will make my own way
I must walk my own path

I've viewed the world through the lenses of control
but now I see its me who'll save my own soul
Its nice to think that we need a saviors help
but I'll do it myself

Walking so far I fall on my knees
Unable to stand, unable to see

Darkness covers the road
the path I've made for myself
I stumble with every step
I admit I need someone's help

The harvest of my own design
The fruit withers on the vine

I stumble with every step
i confess I need someone's help
Track Name: Love
Its been raining all day. But I'm so wide awake. Is this for real? I'm too scared to ask. But I won't close my eyes or run away.

Give me your hand and I'll give you my heart
And all my life will be yours in devotion

This is my heart in your hands.
Do what you will.
This is the fire in your eyes,
burn me away.

You are my love
You are my life
Track Name: Realization
I'm so sorry I doubted you
I turned my back on you
My selfish desires had me fooled
You laid the world at my feet
I took it all for granted
I reaped the rewards of every seed you planted

Please take me back
This world is too big to live without you

Its all too perfect
Its all been touched by your hands
I close my eyes and I can feel it everywhere

I can't believe I was lead astray
I gave up on you
thinking I could not be saved
You reached your hand out to me
and I pulled mine away
now I reach out to heaven as if to say

now it all makes sense
there's no coincidence
no random chain of events
Track Name: Tragedy
Where has she been?
We're losing light
She's never late
Its been all night sitting alone
No note, no call
I'm in a blur
I'm worried sick
Could that be her calling on the phone?

How could you do this to me?
I don't want this life, please set me free
If you won't then I know what will
A loaded handgun and a handful of pills
Track Name: Blame
This is all your fault
you took her away
don't tell me you love me
If you were who you said you are
you wouldn't let this happen
and this is all your fault

Don't tell me she's gone
Don't tell me that I'm too late to save her
She's slipping away like water in my hands
And now she's gone and I'm left all alone
This is all your fault

I'm coming to join you my love
Track Name: Death
Sitting here with gun in hand and a memory of her
Should I go through with my plan?
Life without her seems absurd.
And as I pull the trigger I know no my deed is done.
I never thought I'd search for truth
in the barrel of a gun

I'm on my way, Lord, I'm on my way.
I'll see you soon, Love, I'll see you soon.
Now face to face, Lord, I'll stay my case.
But standing for judgement, maybe I'm wrong.
I feel I've been wrong...

How could you do this to me?
I would rather not loved than lost.
I would not have accepted your love
If I had known the cost.

Can't you see it was not me who took your wife away?

You're the one who let it happen,
you could have stepped in at any time.
They all say you are a just Lord,
please tell me what was her crime.

She was just an innocent in the wrong place and time

Man is not a puppet with strings
I gave you all free will
If Man would do as I have taught
your wife would be here still
Your time will come but your time is not now
Go back and show the world
tell them what you have learned
Track Name: Awake
My heart is pounding, my head is spinning
Is this the end or a new beginning?
I can't believe I'm at home on my couch
When I awake with a gun in my mouth
Every day that we had was a gift
But there's still more of my life left to live

Now I'm awake, I can see clearly
And I'm going to tell the world about
the truth that I have found

I'm awake, I can see you're breathing life into me
This World is too big to live without you
I can feel the strength of your hand
restoring this broken man